Mark your calendars–SCADpro needs Writers!

Earn course credit while training with professionals and building relationships with employers.

In one week, the Spring 2022 SCADPro Unveiling goes live, and you’ll get everything you need to level-up your professional experience next quarter:

  • – a walkthrough of the SCADpro recruitment and application process
  • – a live Q&A with SCADpro professors and students
  • – early access to partner project briefs.

SCADpro Application and Unveiling Week – Here’s what you can expect:

Thursday, Feb. 10
The Unveiling website goes live!

Check your inbox that morning to grab the special password that unlocks your access to the virtual experience. Once there, review all SCADpro course options listed on the site. 

Friday, Feb. 11
Attend the Unveiling Q&A to learn more about upcoming courses and ask SCADpro professors and students your pressing questions. 

Saturday, Feb. 12
The Spring/Summer 2022 SCADpro application is open for submissions. 

Sunday, Feb. 13
Spring 2022 SCADpro applications are due by midnight. 

Friday, Feb. 18
In-Person Interviews! By Wednesday, February 15th, you will have been contacted by professors to take part in an interview, in regard to your SCADpro application!

Remember to bring your portfolio and prepare, just as you would a job interview!

Questions, check out the SCADpro Unveiling website on February 10.


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