Great series for anyone who wants to freelance!

PART 1 June 3rd at 12 pm ET – Freelancing 101
To get started as a freelancer, you need to understand the marketplace, how to network, the basic rules of contracts, and everything about invoices and earnings. Join SCADFILM Senior Executive Director Leigh Seaman for Freelancing 101, part one of a three-part series dedicated to freelancing, updated to include policies and procedures implemented around covid-19 protocols. This session will walk the new freelancer through the basic steps of getting started, including résumés, reels, and interviewing; positioning yourself for hire; and how to smartly manage income and expenses. The session will also include best practices for freelancers based on input from producers and executives who are hiring.

PART 2 June 8th at 12 pm ET -Freelancing Gig Management
Freelancers must be able to balance three main tasks at any given time: managing the current job, finding the next job, and getting paid for the previous job. This session offers tips and tricks for structuring a freelance business to ensure positive cash flow and consistent work, including recommendations for how to monitor job postings and find new opportunities. The session will also address how to know what’s right for you when considering hourly, daily, weekly, or project rates. We will also welcome a representative from Georgia Lawyers for the Arts to discuss contracts.

PART 3 June 10th at 12 pm ET – Freelance Operations Management
In this session, we’ll take a look at the important details outside of the gig itself, including rules around 1099 employees, how to obtain health insurance, details around workers compensation policies and union and work-for-hire designations, and the best job posting sites and tips, tricks, and hacks from successful freelancers. The session will also feature information from Georgia Lawyers for the Arts about legal services.

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