Caro Moya, Writing student at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), has been named winner of the 2018 Bee Bread Prize.  Her poem, “Unfiltered” was chosen from among many stories and poems submitted by SCAD students studying at the Lacoste campus this winter.

This year’s judges were visiting author and instructor, Shawn Kerivan, and SCAD Alumni Atelier, Anne Royan (M.F.A. ’18).

The prize is 100 Euros and publication in Le NAVIGATEUR: the online travel magazine for students.

About the Bee Bread Prize

Known in French apiculture as Pain d’Abeille, bread of the bee is a mixture of bee saliva, plant pollen, and nectar that the worker bees use to feed young bees and larvae.  The Bee Bread Prize, too—in its monetary award and public recognition—seeks to nourish and reward emerging talent in the writing arts.

The contest, held once a year on the SCAD Lacoste campus, is intended to promote: the Lacoste experience; extended learning opportunities outside the classroom; professional development for emerging writers; editorial collaboration between students, professors, and visiting artists; recognition and rewards for superior student achievement; and publication.


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