The Walt Disney Company

Have you ever been interested in working for the Walt Disney Company? It’s a brand most of us are familiar with as shaping our childhood and giving us things to dream about. Well, if you’re interested in becoming part of the magic, Disney offers a large amount of professional internships every year alongside their college program. Their applications are currently up for their summer and fall 2016 program, so make sure to check them out. There’s a lot of opportunities for writers being offered right now such as technical writing, a few editorial internships with Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media  and a couple of social media related internships.  Make sure to check out those incredible internship opportunities from the Walt Disney Company. Keep in mind, there are also opportunities to work with Lucasfilm, Pixar, ABC, ESPN and Marvel that fall under the Disney brand on their website. Feel free to scan through a full list of their job and internship listings on their Disney Careers website and, keep in mind, applications for the Disney College Program are also still open for a few more weeks. Disney’s College and Professional Internships Programs are a great way to start networking and making a name for yourself within the company. You can check out their blog for more information about their internship programs as well.



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