Sandra Dutton, author of Dear Miss Perfect and Mary May and the Gospel Truth, visited SCAD this weekend and spoke about writing for children. It was a very entertaining and informative event in which Dutton read from her books and even sang a song. She revealed that writing, even writing for children, requires a great deal of research. But, it should be research you enjoy doing. She described her many adventures, traveling through Kentucky, trying to make sure she got an accent right, sifting through fossils, and studying religion and science with great passion. Just as important as research is using personal experience to make characters seem more real. She went over her life in great length, talking about the aunt who inspired Miss Perfect.

It was truly wonderful to watch someone so passionate about her work share about what makes great writing. She even showed off some pictures of the puppets she made based on the puppets she wrote into her book Mary May and the Gospel Truth. It was a truly great event. If you missed it, be sure to check out her website and take a look at her books and programs.


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