The Deep Center, a local literacy nonprofit, is offering four and nine-month Writing Fellowships for the 2015-2016 academic year. Selection is competitive; only 30 spots are open twice annually. Internship credit is available for eligible graduate and select senior undergraduate students.

In teams of two, Writing Fellows co-lead a series of 11 weekly creative writing workshops for a group of 12-14 adolescents at an assigned Savannah public middle school. The Deep Center provides initial and ongoing training and curricular and administrative support as Fellows mentor the students through the entire writing process each week. The three month workshop series culminates in the publication of a book featuring each student’s best work, with a book launch and public reading called DeepSpeaks!

Through the course of these workshops, Writing Fellows embolden local kids to write original, vivid, and fearless stories and poems. At the end of each 11-week session, the students are published and celebrated at a book launch event downtown at the Savannah Theatre.

Additionally, every Fellow is plugged into a cohort of local writers (authors, poets, journalists) who will challenge and support one another to grow in your own writing with various informal and optional community activities like book swaps, low-brow literary readings, writers’ retreats, critique groups, etc.

This fellowship is challenging, but incredibly rewarding, and makes a real difference in our community through the art and power of storytelling.

Learn more and apply for a fellowship at

For more information about the Deep Center, the writing program, or the book launch, visit or contact us at [email protected].


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