Social Media ManagerThe Writing department is pleased to announce the creation of a quarterly internship in social media management.

If you would like to serve as our Social Media Manager for the winter quarter, please apply now. Instructions are below.

Our social media manager will: 

• Facilitate social media communications for the SCAD writing community

•  Manage faculty content for the SCAD Writing blog

•  Create fresh, weekly content about student and faculty collaboration, projects, awards, jobs, and publications

•  Develop and maintain the SCAD Writing voice and style

•  Conduct and moderate discussions and polls

Each quarter, the social media manager will also pitch and execute one special project intended to improve the department’s online presence, to broaden its scope, and better promote the program to employers and potential students. For example, an intern capitalizing on his or her expertise and interests might do one of the following:

•  Create a SCAD Writing Profile video for Youtube

•  Create and manage a podcast (maybe in collaboration with SCAD Radio)

• Create and manage an archive of interviews with visiting writers and editors

•  Improve the departmental blog visually and graphically

•  Build and coordinate social media efforts on additional platforms such as Facebook, GoodReads, and Pinterest

•  Research and compose a quarterly column, such as a Portrait of a Student

•  Post quarterly mentor and/or alum Q & As

•  Optimize sites for search engine indexing and ranking

•  Build a marketing program to promote our students through social media to potential employers.

The successful undergraduate candidate will have:

· Completed 90 credit hours

· Declared a Writing major

· Maintained a cumulative 3.0 GPA

· Completed WRIT 220 Writing for the Web with an A grade

· Completed WRIT 255 Business and Professional Writing with an A grade

· Completed WRIT 355 Writing and New Media I with an A grade.

The successful graduate candidate will have:

· Completed 15 graduate credit hours

· Maintained an overall 3.5 GPA in the MFA program

· Completed WRIT 703 Writing for New Media with an A grade

· Completed WRIT 743 Business and Professional Writing with an A grade.

The internship will hone skills the student has already learned, introduce new skills, and provide a great line on the resume as well as a robust sample of work for the student’s portfolio.

The internship is open to students from all campuses.

To apply for Winter 2015, email Professor Lee Griffith. In your message, briefly describe:

· Why you think you will be a good social media manager

· What kind of social media platforms you have experience with

· What kind of special project you might propose if you get the internship

· Why the internship is important to your studies and career

· Any other reasons why you think the Writing department and its online presence will benefit from your internship.

The email should be no longer than three paragraphs.

Once you have been approved by Professor Griffith, you may register for the appropriate internship through the registrar:

WRIT 479 Undergraduate Internship

WRIT 779F Graduate Field Internship

Internship positions are limited and are granted on a rolling basis.


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