Due to technical difficulties, the following live stream has been postponed. Stay tuned to the SCAD Writing blog for updates.


Tonight, SCAD Radio hosts Writing Professor Lee Griffith and his visiting brother, award-winning poet and editor, Rob Griffith. Listen in as they debate the finer points of formal poetry, lyric essay, and who mom loves the most.

Plus, stories and poems from SCAD alumna Claire Nelson and students Steven Nadler, Christopher Ralph and Alyssa Nickerson.

Event: Speak Your Piece–Siblings Edition!

Time: 6pm-8pm

Date: Saturday, November 1

WhereClick “Listen Now” at SCAD Radio or search for SCAD Radio on your favorite Internet radio app, such as TuneIn.

Want to read your work on the next episode of Speak Your Piece? Contact SCAD Music Director, Tony Baker.




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