Harrison2SCAD WRITers and dwellers in the coastal regions of these parts, hear ye, hear ye! SCAD Writer and Professor Harrison Key (pictured) shall be reading a story about Animals and How Amazing They Are/Aren’t at this location (pictured)  Sunday afternoon.  It is free, and it is autobiography, and it includes everything Ms. O’Connor thought a good story should have, including lots of death and references to the Lord and lesser gods. Mr. Key will also speak about why he is unworthy of human or divine love (pictured).

FlanHomeWHAT: A reading, also animal sounds

WHO: Harrison Scott Key, SCAD Writer, Professor, and humor columnist.

WHEN: 4pm on Sunday, Nov. 3

WHEREFlannery O’Connor Childhood Home

WHY: Because it’s predestinated

HOW: With great joy



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