SCAD Savannah is pleased to host visiting humor writer Joe Birbiglia Friday, April 3.

If you’ve ever read, seen or heard comedian and actor Mike Birbiglia, then you’ve laughed at Joe Birbiglia’s jokes, too. You might even have laughed at “Joe Bags” himself, who is sometimes the subject of Mike’s stories. Joe has worked with Mike on his “Secret Public Journal,” both the blog and the TV pilot in which Bob Odenkirk plays Joe’s alter-ego, Donnie. Recently, Joe co-wrote with Mike and “This American Life” producer and host Ira Glass, the feature film Sleep Walk with Me.

Come join us as Joe talks about transforming real-life material into jokes then long-form stories for the screen, radio, stage, book and Web.

Friday, April 5

11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Arnold Hall 138


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