The First SCAD Lacoste Writing Prize

This year’s judge

Visiting artist Rob Griffith

Director and Editor of Measure Press

 This year’s challenge

The Sonnet




Possible publication in “Measure: a Review of Formal Poetry”

 Deadline for Submission

March 1, Midnight


1. Sonnets must be original and unpublished. No translations. Lacoste students in any major may enter as many sonnets as they wish. Sonnet sequences are acceptable, but each sonnet will be considered individually.

2. The final judge for the contest will be poet and editor Rob Griffith. The winner and all finalists will be considered for publication in an upcoming issue of “Measure.”

3. Sonnets can be in any form (Petrarchan, Elizabethan, Spenserian, nonce forms), but they must be metrical, and they must employ some sort of rhyme scheme.

4. Please attend the open workshops to get started or to learn more about writing sonnets.

5. Type your sonnet or sonnets into one Word document (one sonnet per page, please) and email the document to Lee Griffith before the deadline.


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