Anna Geannopoulos, 2012 alumna, earned a public relations internship at Waggener Edstrom and also published a flash fiction piece, “The Lake,” in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s online magazine.

The Best American Essays 2012 listed Savannah professor Lee Griffith‘s piece, “The Auctioneers,” in “Notable Essays of 2011.”

Savannah undergraduate student Bradford Hill accepted a position as a contract consultant for Northrop Grumman.

Savannah graduate student Nancy Peck has started a Twitter account to share tips for writers: @writerbits.

NextGen Journal published a column by Savannah undergraduate student Ken Rosen.

Savannah graduate student Chantel Tattoli published pieces in a number of places recently:

  • Melville House published her flash fiction bio of William McKinley in a collection titled “Their Peculiar Ambitions.” Melville House describes the series in this manner: “Every Tuesday right up to Election Day Melville House is presenting stories that creatively interpret the legacies of the men who’ve held this land’s highest office … 44 presidents, 44 writers, 44 stories.”
  • Literary journal Hobart published a nonfiction comic she scripted, “The Other Bunny.”
  • The Millions published her piece about Frank Sinatra Jr., “Frankly Singing.”



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