We’re going to get this year’s Update rolling not with the usual list of literary magazines seeking submissions, but with a compendium of magazine and journal resources.

Look through these archives, databases, and review sites to learn:

-which journals are taking submissions
-what journals pay
-who they publish
-when they publish
-what they publish
-which journals publish what genres
-when submissions open and close
-when contests are offered
-how to submit


Take the time to target the right publications for your writing. These resources will help.

The Review Review reviews reviews.  Figure out which literary journals to read and where to submit.  This site contains lots of reviews, tips, and other resources for writers. You might even review a literary journal for them!

Duotrope Digest boasts over 3,000 journals in its database.  Though they focus on fiction and poetry, most of the journals you’ll find here accept nonfiction, too.

Luminary Writer’s Database helps you find markets, track submissions, and chart your writing habits.  Keep track of where and when you submit your writing.  Free, and comes with a free widget for your desktop.

The Council of Literary Presses and Magazines serves member publishers and presses.  Survey the literary landscape from their site.

Writers Market tells you “where and how to sell what you write.”  Many of their services are subscription only.  Jen Library and and the Bull St. Library have hard copies of their listings.

NewPages.com offers even more news, information and guides to literary magazines, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies, independent bookstores, independent publishers and more.


Erika Dreifus Compiles a List of Journals Seeking Flash Nonfiction & Micro Essays.  Editor, publisher, writer.  Erika knows all things little and literary.


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