La Plissure du Texte: A Planetary Fairytale” is a seminal work of distributed authorship created by Roy Ascott in 1984 using the early computer conferencing protocol of the time. It involved players assuming the identity of fairytale characters and developing, from that character’s point of view, a rolling narrative online, over a period of three weeks.

The 2012 Shanghai Biennale is seeking writers from around the world to join in the distributed authorship of a 2012 version of “La Plissure du Texte” to be called “The Journey to the West (J2W)”  — the title of one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature, otherwise known in Western translations as Monkey.

The vehicle for this developing narrative will be Skype, which is accessible in most parts of the world. Authors are invited to write in their original language, using Google translation to solve the language barrier problem.

To participate as the Author of the J2W in Shanghai Bienniale, send an email to planetaryfairetale at gmail dot com before midnight Sept. 10, 2012. In the email, state your name, nationality and affiliation. The first 55 senders will be randomly assigned a character and will start writing.


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