These fall courses in Savannah still have some space available:

Writing About Design (WRIT 495D — new elective)
M/W, 11-1:30, Arnold 231
Design has joined art, literature, architecture, film, and other forms of cultural expression as a subject of critical inquiry, and a popular topic for both writers and readers in a range of contexts, from scholarly journals to mass-oriented blogs, from business publications to indie/DIY online media.

This course recognizes design as a crucial topic with a growing audience, and addresses ways to write about it now: coming up with original ideas, identifying the best venues to express them, and expressing them effectively.

Aimed at writing students who wish to learn how to address design, as well as design majors who recognize the the value in writing skillfully about their field, the course will include direct exposure to writers, producers, creators, and designers who have found strategies to articulate their design passions and make a living — in the real world.

The course is taught by Rob Walker, a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine and Design Observer. Author of “Buying In” and other books, co-editor of Significant Objects, co-founder of Unconsumption and other independent projects, and contributor to venues from The Atlantic to public radio’s Marketplace, Walker is often called on as an expert commentator on design and consumer culture, notably in the documentary “Objectified.”

Writing for the Arts I (WRIT 205 — required)
T/TH, 11-1:30, Arnold 222
Taught by Jonathan Rabb
By exploring various styles and genres of writing that are commonly used in the art world, students learn about writing for the arts including how to write grants, find appropriate funding sources, work with commercial exhibitions, catalogue work and compose short bibliographies of artists. Students also write articles in the style of contemporary art journals and engage in peer collaborations.

Writing About Place (WRIT 322 — elective)
T/TH, 8-10:30, Arnold 222
Taught by Jonathan Rabb
This course focuses on two genres of writing that both encompass the idea of “place,” our natural environment and the environment of culture.

Nonfiction II (WRIT 277 — required)
M/W, 2-4:30, Arnold 219
Taught by Lee Griffith
This course offers an intense focus for students interested in publishing their work, covering elements of nonfiction writing such as tone, unity and thematic development. Students produce manuscripts for group readings.

Nonfiction I (WRIT 713 — required)
M/W, 5-7:30, Arnold 224
Taught by Lee Griffith
In this course, students work on their essays or chapters of a nonfiction work. Their efforts are developed towards mastery of their own writing style. Students also present and discuss their works in the classroom environment.

Persuasive Writing (WRIT 725 — required)
T/TH, 2-4:30, Arnold 222
Taught by James Lough, Ph.D.
This course approaches persuasive writing as an essential complement to visual forms such as advertising design. It also explores the deconstruction of written expression associated with advertising, design and promotion embodied in copywriting for visually creative scenarios.

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