SCAD Lacoste LibraryAll SCAD writers are encouraged to study abroad at our Lacoste campus where they immerse themselves in the landscape and culture of southern France while earning academic credit.  Students expand their travel-writing portfolios, research and write short stories, essays and M.F.A. theses, and compete for the annual Bee Bread Prize.  Graduate and undergraduate writing classes such as Literary Journalism and Writing About Place are offered alongside courses in art history, photography, illustration, and sequential art–to name a few.

Lacoste is a beautifully preserved medieval village, known by artists and writers for its rich history, extraordinary light, and exquisite pastoral setting.

SCAD Lacoste facilities date to the 15th and 16th centuries, yet they feature a variety of modern amenities such as computer labs with Internet and e-mail access. The SCAD Lacoste campus also includes a library, galleries, a dining hall, a swimming pool, apartments, dorms, as well as teaching studios dedicated to writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, and photographic and digital imaging.

Students interact with visiting artists and take field trips to museums, historic sites, and cities, including Paris.

Contact the Study-Abroad office to apply.

Read le NAVIGATEUR: the online travel magazine for college students.  It was created and written by SCAD Lacoste writing students about the French experience.

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