Alumni whereabouts


Laura Silva (B.F.A., Expected Fall 2016)
Project Management Apprentice, Oven Bits


Rebecca Arrowsmith (B.F.A., 2015)
Editorial Intern, Publishing Genius

Lily Avery (B.F.A., 2015)
Blogger/Grant Writer, Batey Rehab Project

Alex Cheves (B.F.A., 2015)
Writing Intern, Here Media

Ariel Felton (M.F.A., 2015)
Writer/editor, SCAD Communications

Sofia Fernandez (B.F.A., 2015)
Content Specialist, Island Communications; Freelance Contributor, The Ride Gallery

Brittany Joyce (B.F.A. 2015)
Style Editor, Paste Magazine

Sara Terrell (B.F.A., Expected Fall 2015)
Intern, Algonquin Books

Hailey Marsden Zipfel (B.F.A. 2015)
Graduate Student, Goldsmiths, University of London


Priscilla Alarcon (M.F.A. 2014)
Marketing Director, Indo Puri

Megan Balser (B.F.A., 2014)
Creative Writing Intern, Lexington Foundation

Grace Barkley (M.F.A., 2014)
Communications Coordinator, Isle of Hope United Methodist Church

Meagan Corrado (B.F.A., 2014)
Travel Coordinator, JCB

Shannon Craig (B.F.A., 2014)
Public Relations Specialist, The Salvation Army

Nick Dephtereos (B.F.A., 2014)
M.A. Prose Fiction Student, University of East Anglia, England

Tara Gorman (M.F.A., 2014)
Development Communications Coordinator, NYU Langone Medical Center

Bradford Hill (B.F.A., 2014)
Content Strategist, Maga Design

Sarah Hinson (M.F.A., 2014)
Copywriter, Wildfire

Yves Jeffcoat (B.F.A., 2014)
Digital Publisher, HowStuffWorks

Miranda Jenkins (B.F.A., 2014)
M.F.A. Creative Writing Student, Hollins University

Taylor Kigar (B.F.A., 2014)
Social Media Analyst, Capitis Media

Katharine Lucas (B.F.A., 2014)
Account Executive, Boyle Public Affairs

Hannah Neff (B.F.A., 2014)
Independent Researcher, The Daily Beast

Jonathan O’Conner (M.F.A., 2014)
Associate Writer, Auriemma Consulting Group

Molly Paschal (B.F.A. 2014)
Curriculum Content Writer, ProSchools

Kenneth Rosen (B.F.A., 2014)
News Assistant, Homepage and Digital Desk, The New York Times
M.F.A. Writing Student, Columbia University

Andrea Six (B.F.A., 2014)
Content Specialist, Island Communications

Elizabeth Sheffield-Hayes (M.F.A., 2014)
Instructor, Virginia College

Augusta Statz (B.F.A., 2014)
Fashion Writer, Bustle

Sybil McLain-Topel (M.F.A., 2014)
Vice President of Communications, Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

Chase Wilkinson (B.F.A., 2014)
Director of Copy, Bastrop Creative Agency; Editorial Intern, Austin Monthly magazine

Ashley Wiley (B.F.A., 2014)
Content Creation Specialist, Digital Sherpa

Ally Wright (M.F.A. 2014)
Ph.D. Candidate, Georgia State University


Adeshola Adigun (B.F.A., 2013)
Hip-hop Contributor, TruTempo; Production Assistant, People’s Television

Aubrey Allison (B.F.A., 2013)
Program Coordinator, Seattle Pacific University (Creative Writing M.F.A. Program)
Marketing Associate, Image Journal

Daniel Alvarez (B.F.A., 2013)
Social Media Director/Writer, South Florida Gay News

Danielle Austin (B.F.A., 2013)
Editorial Intern, Men’s Health; Freelance Writer, Blush Magazine

Cortney Bartow (B.F.A., 2013)
Coordinator/Building Manager, SCAD

Allison Brooks (M.F.A., 2013)
Copy Editor, Grandex Media

Brandon Dale (B.F.A., 2013)
Copywriter, Calzone and Associates
M.F.A. Writing Student, California College of the Arts

Allen Duncan (B.F.A., 2013)
Sergeant, USMC

Kimberly Fraser (B.F.A., 2013)
Interior Decorator, Self-employed

Gen Fuller (M.F.A., 2013)
Social Media Manager, Creative Approach

Jeffrey Garris (B.F.A., 2013)
Technical Operations Manager, SCAD

Abigail Glaser (B.F.A., 2013)
Marketing Assistant, Perfect Pet Resort

Myra Hassaram (B.F.A., 2013)
Content Strategist, Park Avenue Publishers, Inc.
Writer, Dahan Properties

Courtney Keenan (B.F.A., 2013)
Content Provider/Staff Writer, SwitchBitch Records/SwitchBitch Noise

Amanda Lafond (B.F.A., 2013)
Logistics Manager, Level Up Studios

Chrystal Lopez (B.F.A., 2013)
Associate Copywriter, InTouch Solutions

Angela Milkie (M.F.A., 2013)
Communications Specialist, Public Health Informatics Institute

Alexis Ong (M.F.A., 2013)
Junior Writer, Disney Consumer Products

Ida Ronaszegi (M.F.A., 2013)
Adjunct Professor, Savannah Technical College

Thomas Ryefield (B.F.A., 2013)
Graduate Assistant, Towson University

Carlos Serrano (B.F.A., 2013)
Assistant Account Executive, Lopez Negrete Communications

Chantel Tattoli (M.F.A., 2013)
Contributor, Architectural Digest, The Hollywood Reporter, Salon, etc.

Matthew Terrell (M.F.A., 2013)
Media Manager/Photographer, Legendary Children


Sarah Boutwell (M.F.A., 2012)
Social Media Community Manager, Main Street Hub

Magdalena Bresson (B.F.A., 2012)
Features Writer and Photographer, Bryan County News

Claire Clayton (B.F.A., 2012)
Production Assistant, Ideas United

Courtney Davison (B.F.A., 2012)
Youth Marketing Coordinator, PETA

Amy Desselle (B.F.A., 2012)
Technical Writer, Policy and External Affairs Department, North American Electric Reliability Corporation
Editorial Intern, Dzanc Books

Ross Faulds (B.F.A., 2012)
Director, My Vote Limited

Anna Geannopoulos (B.F.A., 2012)
Junior Copywriter, Zimmerman Advertising

Shannon Gentry (M.F.A., 2012)
Managing Editor, Focus on the Coast magazine

Max Glaessner (M.F.A., 2012)
Co-writer, “Pretty Woods

Rebecca Grace (M.F.A., 2012)
Communications and Marketing Specialist, The Westminster Schools

Megan Hall (M.F.A., 2012)
Director of Communications, Lees-McRae College

Brittany Hege (B.F.A., 2012)
Copywriter and Social Media Specialist, Porchlight

Susan Kemp (B.F.A., 2012)
Contributing Copy Editor, Oxmoor House; Copy Editor/Technical Writer, SolidFire

Alyssa Brooke Kerr (B.F.A., 2012)
Product Copywriter, Carter’s and OshKosh

Mary Mueller (B.F.A., 2012)
Regional Field Director for Wisconsin, Generation Opportunity

Allison Ramirez (M.F.A., 2012)
Social Media Manager/Adjunct Faculty, Dade Medical College

Lauren Schlottman (B.F.A., 2012)
Writer/editor, SCAD Communications Department

Lynn Schneider (M.F.A., 2012)
Writer, SCAD eLearning

Andrea Villanueva (M.F.A., 2012)
Editorial Coordinator, A Editores, La Revista magazine

Kim Wade (M.F.A., 2012)
Corporate Communications Writer, Gulfstream


Taylor Arnold (M.F.A., 2011)
Senior Editor, Raleigh Metro Magazine

Cameron Belk (M.F.A., 2011)
Content Strategist/Copywriter, Triad Retail Media

Kristine Stevens Beeco (M.F.A., 2011)
Senior Web Content Manager, SCAD Communications Department

Elizabeth Campbell (B.F.A., 2011)
Development Assistant, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine

Amy Paige Condon (M.F.A., 2011)
Digital Editor, Savannah Magazine

Katelan Cunningham (B.F.A., 2011)
Junior Graphic Designer, Modnique; Freelance Writer, Brit & Co.

Jenny Dunn (M.F.A., 2011)
Writer/Instructional Designer, SCAD eLearning

Austin Floyd (M.F.A., 2011)
Associate Professor of English, Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Kate Hanzalik (M.F.A., 2011)
Doctoral Student, Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design program at Clemson University

Sarah Hunt (M.F.A., 2011)
Chair of Humanities and Fine Arts, Savannah Technical College

Claire Khoury (B.F.A., 2011)
Writing and Production Assistant, It’s All Good Entertainment

Jason Lowrey (B.F.A., 2011)
Distribution Manager, The Daily Tribune News

Cliff Lummus (M.F.A., 2011)
Graphic Designer/Writer, Atlanta Spirit LLC (parent company of the Atlanta Hawks)

Deanne Revel (B.F.A, 2011)
Programming Manager for DIY Network and Great American Country, Scripps Networks Interactive Inc.

Rachael Schultz (B.F.A., 2011)
Online News Editor, Shape Magazine

Adam Stout (B.F.A., 2011)
Assistant Account Executive, MARC USA

Dominic Viti (B.F.A., 2011)
Copywriter, Wunderman

Elisa Wallace (M.F.A., 2011)
Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher, Berryhill K-8 Elementary School

Meghan (Wolff) Miner (B.F.A., 2011)
Content Writer, CF Search Marketing

Margaret Ulrich (B.F.A., 2011)
Editor, Ladies Magazine


Sara Allen  (B.F.A., writing, 2010)
Community and Content Coordinator, Sen. Cory A. Booker

Matt Braddick (M.F.A., writing, 2010)
Writer and Online Content Manager, Digital Sherpa

Tiffany Cullen (B.F.A., 2010)
Career Adviser, SCAD

Daniel Chavarria Estrada (B.F.A., 2010)
Subgerente de Marketing, Ecuavía

Carolyne Elyse Findley (B.F.A., 2010)
Social Media Strategist, Ayzenberg Group

Andrea Goto (M.F.A., 2010)
Writing Professor, SCAD; Writer, Savannah Magazine

Holly Huitt (B.F.A., 2010)
Community Manager, Airbnb

Sarah Kellner (B.F.A., 2010)
Content Developer, SEO Team, Home Depot

Charlotte Jarrett Nauert (M.F.A., 2010)
Writer, HD Savannah

Soukprida Phetmisy (B.F.A., 2010)
Manager, District and School Partnerships, Teach for America

Kristina Wagner Stilb (B.F.A., 2010)
Marketing and Public Relations Director, Sugar Hill Animal Hospital
Principal, Blits Creative Services

Travis Walters (B.F.A., 2010)
Marketing and Operations Director, Sparklepop


Jim Signorile (M.F.A., ABT, 2009)
Director, Strategic Partnerships/Business Development, Palm Beach Media Group

Brian Smith (B.F.A., 2009)
Communications Coordinator, Austin Community College

Tandy Versyp (B.F.A., 2009)
Admission Representative, SCAD


Jessica Clary (M.F.A., 2008)
Assistant Director of Student Media, SCAD Atlanta

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